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Wye Creek Woodworks

Trestle Table Leg Pair - Banks Trestle

Trestle Table Leg Pair - Banks Trestle

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We have moved! Wyecreek Woodworks has been merged into Fractal Designs Inc. Fractal Designs has the same amazing team on board to produce the same high-quality product you know and love! Looking for these legs? Look HERE! We ask you to complete your purchase and direct any questions to our new site! Questions? Email us!


These Trestle Table Legs from Wye Creek Woodworks are the perfect addition to your table project. Made from a variety of high-quality hardwoods, these legs are solid wood throughout and very sturdy to hold even the heaviest of table tops. Each leg pair is handmade and comes disassembled with all the necessary hardware to connect the components together, as well as the hardware needed to attach the base to the top. 

The legs are 29" in height and consist of two arms that are 32" deep, two feet that are 32" deep by 6.5" wide, and two uprights that are 10" wide at the widest point. The full base needs a stretcher to be a complete table base, which can either be purchased separately or made as a DIY project.

These Trestle Table Legs are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and are also used by table makers, designers, and craftspeople for customer projects.


- Handmade in Canada from high-quality hardwoods such as Pine, Poplar, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, and Walnut

- Height: 29 inches, Depth: 32 inches, width to suit

- Comes disassembled with all necessary hardware for assembly included

- Option for customization with the choice of stretcher length and type of wood used

- Best to paint/stain disassembled, then put together after finish is complete

- Comes with clear instructions and video tutorial for assembly 

- Matching Bench Legs available 


- 2 arms - 32" deep

- 2 feet - 32" deep x 6.5" wide

- 2 uprights - 10" wide at the widest point.

- hardware to connect components together

- The legs come disassembled, and some minor assembly is required. Comes with lag bolts to connect feet and arms top upright, as well as directions, and a template for cutting the size of the stretching.

- full base needs a stretcher to be a complete table base (DIY or purchase - see below for sizes)

- You can get an idea of the assembly process in this video: 

- Note, with no stretcher option, we include a notch in the feet to receive a stretcher, the piece that connects the legs. You must use your own cross-member (stretcher) to connect the two legs. This is done to reduce shipping costs and to allow for customization of the base to suit your tabletop. If no notch is required, please make a note in the order

- Wood is a natural product with imperfections. Epoxy is used to treat to the best of our ability, but knots and wood color variations can happen.


36" / 60-72"

48" / 72-84"

60" / 84-96"

72" / 96-108"

84 / 108-120"

96 / 120-132"

108 / 132-144"

Wood descriptions:

Paint Grade: Paint grade can be a combination of soft hardwoods and is meant to be covered by paint for

Poplar: A softer hardwood. faint grain appearance. Great for painting. stain can be blotchy, so use a pre-conditioner, or sanding sealer before staining to even out stain absorption.

Pine: A softwood. Strong grain appearance. Use if you don't mind dings and scratches over time. Use poly for protection. Paint or stain. stain can be blotchy, so use a pre-conditioner, or sanding sealer before staining.

Maple: Hardwood. heavier, sturdier. Stains and paints well. No blotchiness when staining.

Walnut: Hardwood. heavy and sturdy. Please don't use paint on this beautiful wood :).

White Oak: heavy and sturdy, olive colored.

Order your own pair of Trestle Table Legs from Wye Creek Woodworks today and add a beautiful and sturdy base to your table project. With a variety of hardwood options and clear instructions provided, you can customize and assemble your legs with ease.

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