Table Leg Designs

1) Can you do *this* design? 

Most designs can be completed that are under 30" tall, 12" wide and made of wood :). New design needs to go through CAD drawing, machine programming and sometimes a test leg, so extra time and effort are required to produce a new design. Typically we charge approximately $250 on top of the leg price for a new design. Higher volumes, design fees can be waived. 

2) I like *x* design that WyeCreek already has, but it needs to fit *these* dimensions.

Arms and feet can be modified without changing the CNC programming or a design fee. So if you need a shorter foot, longer arm, etc. this can be done. New design comes in when the CNCed part needs to be modified. The leg or upright portion of a design is the piece that is CNCed, so if that's the piece that needs to be modified, you are probably looking at a design change. 


3) Do you keep inventory?

On some poplar models we keep inventory (Trestle Pine, Poplar). Most others are made to order and need build time. 

4) How long does it take to make a  leg set

Usual turnaround is 4-6 weeks to ship.

5) I need a set right away, what can you do?

Reach out, we'll see what we can do. 

6) Where is my order?

All packages are sent with tracked shipping. If you are having trouble locating where the package is with parcel delivery, reach out and we'll let you know where it is.

7) Do you do volume discounts?

 Yes. Discount amount determined by order size. Please contact us.