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Wye Creek Woodworks

Square Turned Bench Leg Pair - Pinwheel

Square Turned Bench Leg Pair - Pinwheel

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We have moved! Wyecreek Woodworks has been merged into Fractal Designs Inc. Fractal Designs has the same amazing team on board to produce the same high-quality product you know and love! Looking for these legs? Look HERE! We ask you to complete your purchase and direct any questions to our new site! Questions? Email us!


This solid wood bench base pair is meant for benches up to 6ft long. For longer benches, use the 3-leg bench product listing here:

These bench legs are unfinished and are shown without a stretcher, the piece that connects the legs under the benchtop.

Each pair of 16" height bench kit consists of (without stretcher):

- 2 arms - 12" deep
- 2 feet - 12" deep x 5" wide
- 2 uprights - 6.5" wide at widest point.
- hardware to connect components together
- hardware to connect the base to top
- full base needs a stretcher to be a complete table base (DIY or purchase - see below for sizes)

**If ordered without a stretcher, no notches are cut into the bottom of the feet. We leave attaching the stretcher to feet up to you.

Your benchtop should be 6-12" longer than the base to allow for a small overhang of the benchtop over the legs

36" / 42"-48"
42" / 48"-54"
48" / 54"-60"
54" / 60"-66"
60" / 66"-72"
66" / 72" - 78"
72" / 78" -84"
Although the above product options are offered, its recommended to keep the stretcher length limited to 60" or less, especially for thinner bench tops. For larger benches, use the 3-leg bench product listing here:

If you are matching the bench base to a Wye Creek table base, do not select the same bench base overall length as the table base length. The bench is supposed to tuck under the table, and this cannot happen when the bench base length is the same length as the table base because the feet will block each other. You need to select a bench size at least 12" bigger than the table base, because the bench feet are 5" wide, plus 1" of space in between table and bench feet is 12". This way, the bench legs will fit on the outside of the table legs when tucked under the table and will give 1" gap between the insides of the bench feed and the outsides of the table base to allow the base to be tucked in. To match the table base to the bench, use the table below:
36" / 48"
42" / 54"
48" / 60"
60" / 72"

For Larger tables/benches use the 3-leg bench product listing here:

Wood descriptions:

Paint Grade: Paint grade can be a combination of soft hardwoods and is meant to be covered by paint for
Poplar: A softer hardwood. faint grain appearance. Great for painting. stain can be blotchy, so use pre-conditioner, or sanding sealer before staining to even out stain absorption.
Pine: A softwood. Strong grain appearance. Use if you don't mind dings and scratches over time. Use poly for protection. Paint or stain. stain can be blotchy, so use pre-conditioner, or sanding sealer before staining.
Maple: Hardwood. heavier, sturdier. Stains and paints well. No blotchiness when staining.
Walnut: Hardwood. heavy and sturdy. Please don't use paint on this beautiful wood :).
White Oak: heavy and sturdy, olive-colored.

As wood is a natural product, knots, imperfections, gouges, and cracks may occur in the product. I fix any major gouges with epoxy or wood filler and sand, but there can be imperfections in the wood, including knots and cracks that do not impact structural integrity.

The legs come disassembled, and some minor assembly is required. Comes with lag bolts to connect feet and arms top upright, as well as directions.

Best to Paint/Stain dis-assembled, then put together after finish is complete.

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